Simplicity Takes Restraint

If the goal of your site design is simplicity (and it probably is if you are using this theme), then don't forget: Simplicity takes restraint.

Every additional module, every additional block, every additional menu item, comes at a cost. A small cost. So small, it doesn't seem to matter.

But it does.

Because the web is a visual interface, people use their eyes to try and determine what is important. Every feature you add steals value from what was there before. When everything is important, nothing is.

When you are tempted to add that email subscribe box, those twitter share buttons, the list of featured posts, use restraint. Think about the core message of what your site is about. If your new feature dilutes that core message, then you are better off without it.



Hi there bro.... I had been wanting to have a crisp looking minimalist blog setup in drupal for a while now. I searched around and couldn't find what pleased me. I settled for Jekyll in Ruby. Now I shall return to my first love all thanks to you.

Is it possible to add a search bar to this theme and associate a search module with it (like solar search etc) ?

Writer has styles in place for the Drupal Core search bar, so it should look pretty good out of the box.

I haven't tried extending it with Solr, or other search enhancements, but I'd expect it to function properly also. Let me know how it goes if you end up trying it.

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